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TetuanValley Start-up School 2010 Spring Ed. post #1

Posted in,TetuanValley by Yon on the 15 abril 2010

Con el objetivo de meter el turbo a Maki, nos hemos apuntado a la Tetuan Valley Start-Up School 2010, con el proyecto Partiture (que ha sido renombrado a porque el dominio nos pareció gracioso).

Cada miércoles durante 6 semanas nos dan unas lecciones sobre como emprender, mejorar la presentación de nuestra startup y nos dan con el látigo para que tengamos una demo presentable cuando acabe el curso. Como deberes fijos nos han mandado publicar un artículo en el blog semanalmente en inglés.

Aquí os dejo el artículo de esta semana que pretende ser una primera presentación de donde va nuestro proyecto (aunque no de nuestro proyecto): Share your chords

Internet is for share. From the beginning of the Internet, the idea was to join together efforts to make things. Now more people know it’s a place where whatever you are or you like, you can find somebody who like the same things as you, or who want to cooperate with you, no matter how far is from you.

Music and Internet. Lately we’ve heard a lot of bad news when this two words were together (piracy, crisis of music industry), but also we have heard new ways to improve the experience of discovering music (, or Spotify); and we know there is a huge movement around sharing lyrics and guitar-chords. And also we think, we can to make things easier to the music people with the help of internet.

Share music. Well, we aren’t talking about something is completely invented, we are talking about sharing the soul of the music: the chords. wants to become the place where people who love creating music come together, give them tools to share music with their colleagues and also with their fans. also can be used by people in chorals to have a quick repository of their repertory.

Our inspirational projects on the technical side are: Slideshare & Google Docs, where people can share their work in an easy way. We think we can do the same with chords, and help musicians an music-related people.

We are really excited with this 6-week race to make real our project, thanks to the people at TetuanValley.

Para terminar, recomiendo seguir el twitter de @tetuanvalley (y el hash tag #tetuanvalley) y echar un ojo a la lista @tetuanvalley/startupschool-spring10.

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