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Pomodoro Time

Posted in TetuanValley by Yon on the 4 mayo 2010
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[Vía: Matrix Redesigned & ThinkWasabi]
When I start the day, I get overwhelmed with all the task I should do to accomplish an efficient working day. Last week I started a technique I recently read about: Pomodoro. The Pomodoro (tomato in italian) is just a tomato-shaped kitchen timer you have to program to let you work undistracted, concentrated on one unique task for 25 minutes. That’s all, and it’s magic.

Each period of 25 minutes is called «one pomodoro». This technique is really easy to learn (no more than one pomodoro), but true mastery takes from seven to twenty days of constant use.

How is it done?

First, you have to take your task list and bring it down in small pieces that can be accomplished in 25 minutes or less. Write down your taks on a sheet of paper in order of priority. Don’t take more than one pomodoro doing it.

Now, you start your Pomodoro timer, pick the first task and do it. Don’t let anything distract you from your work. If any interruption comes, take a quick note at the bottom of the task list and continue working. Do just one task, don’t try multi-tasking (don’t check email, while you write an essay).

When your Pomodoro finishes or you have finished your task (what happens first), take a 5 minute rest. And after that, start over again with the next task.

For each 4 pomodoros (2 hours), take a 15-20 minutes rest.

Read all the details on the official web page, and download their guide on PDF for free.

Do I need really a pomodoro-shaped timer?

No, you just need something that counts down for 25 minutes, ticking in front of you, reminding you are working on one unique task. Well, also you can pick up an application for your computer or smartphone to do the work. Check out at ThinkWasabi

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  1.   Abel Muiño said,

    on mayo 6th, 2010 at 8:51

    I have just been pointed to this Ignite presentation about the Pomodoro technique.

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