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Men Business vs Women Business?

Posted in TetuanValley by Yon on the 11 mayo 2010

Is enterpreneuring free from gender influence? Is anything we do everyday free from our own gender effects? On particular cases it is, but statistically talking it cannot be. And is that bad?

It is clear that gender stereotypes are dangerous and do not help either women or men, but it is also a fact that there are differences between men and women which go beyond the physical ones. Already at school girls and boys tend to show different preferences on subjects, activities or hobbies. Evidently, not every boy or girl, woman or men, must fit the general descriptions, but in terms of tendencies the female gender is more «people-orientated» and the male gender is more «things-orientated». Whether these facts are due to biological facts or to socialization, they exist. And they are repeated on higher levels: technological degrees, as well as Maths or Physics, are mainly chosen by men, while artistic degrees (from languages to History) and «service» ones (Medicine, Teaching, Psychology) are mainly chosen by women. Apart from the fact that there are more women than men studying at university, there is a real trend linked to gender. So, if the differences are there, would it be interesting to take them as an opportunity?

This does not mean painting our computers pink (men) or wearing flannel shirts (women). Its implications go far beyond. Businesses have been made by men for a long time, and the male way is now showing not being the best one. New business-making models are now introducing, step by step, features traditionally ascribed to women. New concepts as empathy or emotional intelligence have entered our business culture because they have proved to be useful. Work teams are usually better if there is a variety not only on professional profiles but on personal skills, too. And gender is a huge source of variability. Blending both genders best aspects does not necessarily mean having both men and women working together, but that is probably the easiest way to get it. On an ideal world all of us would have probably developed the best of all human skills and features, so our gender itself would not be important. Until that day comes, if we are sure that it is important to have complementary profiles on our enterpreneuring and work teams, let’s remember an aspect in which we are complementary per se.

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